About Me

You can view my CV here: Dr Neil Overy – CV – July 2018

Research and Writing

I am a professional historian by training (I have a PhD in history from London University) and have spent my working life researching and writing in the non-profit sector in southern Africa. I have been lucky enough to research and write about all kinds of interesting issues from grand corruption cases to problems of sanitation. In recent years I have proactively broadened my research expertise to include environmental issues, especially those that intersect with issues of social justice. I recently completed an MPhil in Environmental Humanities at the University of Cape Town.

A selection of my writing appears on this website.

I am available for commissioned research and writing.


I am a professional photographer specialising in environmentally themed images. I am represented by Getty Images, the Science Photography Library and GAP Photos. A selection of my images appear on this website.

I am available for environmentally themed commissioned photography.

Research, Writing and Photography

I can easily combine my skills and produce high-quality written work illustrated with professional photographs.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Neil Overy, Cape Town, South Africa.